Saturday, November 15, 2008

Worldcraft Party...Missions Project

Everyone made it such a success!

Ms Sharon is so much fun!!

Here are two of my most favorite Friends, Ann & Gail

My WMU Circle of Faith at church held a Worldcraft Party this past Monday. We were partying with a purpose! For those of you not familiar with Worldcrafts it is a non profit fundraiser for world missions. Our group held a catalog party and what a huge success, over 30 women turned out to purchase hand crafted items from over 37 different countries. The items are so beautiful, the bead work is unbelievable and the olive wood items are just beyond beautiful. We sold over
$1800.00 worth, all of which will go straight to the artisans that handcrafted the items.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prayer List ...

Mom was unable to have her surgery, problem with her anemia; she will need some test and also to get her blood count up before they will clear for the hip replacement. Also keep Danielle in your prayers, we had hoped she would be in remission in Oct. but instead is back in hospital facing another 8 weeks of chemo God is still in control of both situations and we will trust Him.

Celebrating Michael's Birthday

Today we celebrated Michael and all he
he means to each of us.. He brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. Of course we had to
schedule everything around the Panthers game, fortunately they won so he was in a good mood the whole day. In case I failed to let you know Mike started Mt Olive this last semester, he has about a year and half to go to finish his business degree. He's working at the SECU part time, but expects to go full time in January.

Eric at new apartment.

Happy Birthday dear Eric, Happy Birthday to you!! Last Sunday we had a pounding and birthday cake for Eric at his new apartment, then Monday we cooked out steaks at home and watched the game. You know how it during football season everything we do centers around the game!