Sunday, October 19, 2008

Randy and the boys are doing all they can to keep me from bringing out the Christmas decorations; the only reason they are succeeding is because my oldest son is moving into his own apartment next weekend, so that is actually occupying my mind. Actually more then they know, he's not going to be that far away, but still it want be the same without him; he's my
buddy. He's a huge Redskin fan and loves Christmas even more then I do. I not sure who will really miss him the most he and his brother are really close and he and his dad love spending time together. Eric brings so much laughter into our home and when my husband works nights
he and I can always find something to do. Okay it's time to go, the tears are starting to flow and
I don't want to cry,becasue I am so very proud of the strong wonderful man my son has become.

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